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The bigger issue with Miley Cyrus is her complete obliviousness to the differences in public reaction when it comes to herself versus black people. When Miley Cyrus plays at ratchet, we get three reactions: fangirls/fangays spooing all over themselves telling the internet how much they love her, non-fans giving deep eyerolls and moving on to the next, and middle-aged white people making vague statements about how they’re “concerned” about her state of mind. The reaction she does not get is that if she were shot by a neighborhood watchman, then she deserved it because she flips the bird and does drugs and glamorizes hoodrat behavior.

That’s my problem. My problem is black kids like Trayvon Martin play at being ratchet everyday and the rest of America looks at them like they’re all budding criminals. The defense in that case put Trayvon Martin’s character on trial, by wanting us to infer that he was headed down the wrong path to prison anyway. Because of a few Myspace photos and a toxicology report, we should be glad we got that thug off the streets. They turned him into a thug for doing the exact same things that Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber do, the exact same things that millions of little white kids do in their gated communities, driving around in Daddy’s SUV listening to old-school NWA and rolling spliffs and bragging about it on social media.

That is what white privilege looks like. If you are a white apologist who continuously doubts that white privilege exists, ask yourself if Miley Cyrus or any other 20-year-old white girl would be put on trial posthumously if someone shot her for walking around in a hoodie. That is the definition of white privilege.

So let’s talk about _____ .: Miley Cyrus says she should be able to make shitty videos because…George Zimmerman.  (via blackrebeldivineroyalsoul)

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Fishy Business: How to be A Mermaid

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Want to know what people are saying about my book?

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Being a mermaid is magical

Being a mermaid is magical

Taking ‘Inspiration’ from other artists

Inspiration seems to be a sticky subject in the mer-world. We go back and forth on when it’s okay to copy when it’s not, how to pay hommage, how to give credit etc. There’s never really any answer.

I think the biggest chip that gets in people’s shoulder, is when others try to hide the fact they’ve taken inspiration from someone else.

I follow an artist on deviantART, so I was surprised to see a well known mermaid photographer do a photo version of her image. I actually think the photo it amazing and well done. But was sad to see no mention to the original artist anywhere. I left a comment, letting the photographer know the work was amazing, and that they really nailed it, and I left the credit for the original artist. The comment was deleted. I was sent a PM acknowledging using the image as reference, and the hard work that went into it, but then… no credit.

I really like the photographer, but I lost a little respect I have to be honest. Their work is AMAZING and jaw dropping. No doubt about it. Top of the line. But, why not credit the original artist? Why delete comments that point to their work? The sad thing is, this particular art piece has been stolen and redone so many times that the original artist actually posted a rant about it on their deviantART she writes about it (and you can see the work in question here: I replied to the photographer insisting they should give the original artist credit. I mean, the photographer credits everyone involved in the process in the tags on FB in the description The original artist has a FB page, so an extra tag shouldn’t make that much of a difference. Especially when it’s respect to someone else.

Here’s the photograph, shared by the original artist with her commentary

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The photo link:

The original art piece (which the photographer admitted to using as reference to me in PM, which if needed obviously I could post here)
Click here to view the original image of 600x611px.

In conclusion:
The photographer is amazing. The photo they did is amazing. No one is arguing that at all. And I love the model, she’s one of my mer-friends and a super cool lady. But if he’s not going to credit the original artist, I will. So please go like her FB page, and show her some support for her amazing and unique idea. <3

edit: I’d like to add, this swing both ways. I have contacted this photographer MANY times because people have stolen his work, manipulated, tried to sell prints of it etc. We’ve had many conversations about people stealing his work and me helping get it removed from sites like deviantART. That’s why I’m so surprised at this. But obviously, I’d advocate for anyone when their work is used without their permission.

Fan photos of me

Photo we did of our mermaid Naida

Photo we did of our mermaid Naida